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Design and Build Office Fit-out

Design and build office fit-out is a modern method to procure construction services including office interior design and office fit-out. The office design and build format blends speed, reduced risk for clients, and lower project costs to achieve a better overall outcome. Rather than pit client against contractor, D&B creates a partnership that reduces conflict and blame, maximizing flexibility, clarity and communication. D&B is an ‘all for one’ approach to office fit out that works well for all parties. A unified office design and build approach from Fusion is money-saving, reducing the cost of office fit-out without any compromise to quality, supervision and planning.

 D&B time saving Design and Build office fit out is a streamlined project format, simplifying the process and reducing the need for the Client to keep track of multiple advisors, consultants and contractors.
 D&B integration With one single communication route, there’s no risk of the ‘left hand’ being unaware of the ‘right hand’…simple systems work best.
 Design & Build Partnership D&B office fit out contracts don’t have a fundamental battle between client-side advisors and contractors. The need for legal recourse evaporates when people are in partnership.
 D&B risk reduction A single point of delivery, encompassing design risk, contracting risk, and cost + time responsibility, leaves nothing to chance, no where for people to hide. This is why D&B office fit out is so successful.
 D&B speed When budget, design objectives, program and specification are handled in one place, office fit out projects become faster, more adaptable, and easier to manage. D&B yields a shorter time between demand and delivery.
 D&B value for money Eliminate layers of cost by cutting out seperate office interior design, project management, and cost-consultants. Cost-saving made easy.

D&B Team

Alongside these principle factors in the office design and build advantages, we delivers D&B office design and fit-out using a dedicated three-person team (design, technical project manager, client liaison) for the life of the project, taking responsibility from the outset, and guaranteeing continuity. from the design concept discussions through to the on site fit out.

We deploy a unique value offer which takes Design & Build to another level of office fit out in terms of value for money. It has been tried and tested, and aligns D&B as the perfect partnership vehicle for the transparent web enabled economy.


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